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Over a period of 50 years, Dr. Clarence Gonstead developed the Gonstead System at his clinic in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. His work was based on extensive clinical research, observation, and practice.

Chiropractors use a wide variety of techniques to correct spinal misalignments. In fact, there are approximately 15 different techniques that are widely used to treat patients with back pain. According to statistics from the

Job Analysis of Chiropractic

, 58.5% of chiropractors currently use the Gonstead System. 

Today, the Gonstead System is taught in chiropractic schools around the world.

What makes the Gonstead system unique? 


How the Gonstead System Works

The Gonstead System involves performing a complete analysis of the spine to detect the presence of subluxations. The system includes 5 diagnostic criteria.

A Gonstead chiropractor starts by examining posture and movement to identify problem areas.

Next, the practitioner uses a specialised instrument to detect inflammation and pressure in the spine.

The third step is called static palpation. While the patient is in a stationary position, the chiropractor checks the spine for swelling, tenderness, and tightness.

The fourth step is called motion palpation. The chiropractor feels the patient’s spine as it moves and bends.

The final step is x-ray analysis. X-rays allow Gonstead chiropractors to visually evaluate posture, disc integrity, and alignment. 

A Gonstead chiropractor uses this comprehensive diagnostic information to identify and correct misalignments.

During treatment, Gonstead chiropractors avoid twisting the spine. Instead, practitioners use precise movements to adjust specific vertebrae.

Another difference between the Gonstead System and other techniques is that neck adjustments are made in the seated position. Gonstead practitioners take great care when positioning patients to provide the most accurate and painless adjustments possible. 

The Gonstead System is one of the oldest, most researched and most proven chiropractic techniques.

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Where is Sunbury

The Sunbury area has several important Aboriginal archaeological sites, including five earth rings, which were identified in the 1970s and 1980s, and believed to have been used for ceremonial gatherings. Records of corroborees and other large gatherings during early settlement attest to the importance of the area for Aboriginal people of the Wurundjeri tribe.[4][5][6]

Sunbury was first settled in 1836, by George Evans and William Jackson. It was Jackson and his brother, Samuel, who named the township Sunbury, after Sunbury-on-Thames, in MiddlesexEngland when it was established in 1857. The Post Office opened on 13 January 1858.[7]

Sunbury’s connection with the history and development of Victoria is influential because of its most famous and powerful citizen, “Big” Clarke. In 1837, Clarke came to the area, and gained vast pastoral licences encompassing Sunbury, Clarkefield and Monegeetta.[8] His role as one of the biggest pastoralists in the colony, and his power and position within the Victorian Legislative Council, were highly significant in the early years of Victoria.

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